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We provide technology that helps you drive your business.  JAC Advertising Consultants shows you a complete picture of who your consumers are, and what matters to them the most.  We help you connect with them, at the right place and right time, to build customers for life.  We are experts at helping you drive your business to the next level.



Track consumers from intent to transaction in order to see which channels have the best ROI. Our solutions provide visibility to your consumers' actions and across all marketing activities.  They establish clear, accurate, and actionable insight into your digital marketing efforts and tracks campaign performance. 


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JAC is in the business of helping your company in the Health Care, Home Improvement, Home Building, Real Estate, Automotive, Political and Retail Industries.  We assist you in building great brands, and engaging experiences for consumers anywhere in the digital world.  We are a Detroit-based Ad Agency with 20 years of industry experience.

Our goal at JAC Adverting Consultants is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business.

Our consultants design solutions tailored to the needs of your business to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

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We bring customers to you as qualified leads through multi-channel campaigns - with consistency and focus.


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